Bed and Breakfast in beautiful city of Cienfuegos, Cuba

My hosts Norma and Oswaldo could not have been more pleasant. As is often my luck when I travel solo, I received royal treatment on a small budget during my stay in this Unesco site nicknamed "The Pearl of the South".
Norma and Oswaldo's impeccable house is located one block off the Prado, about 3 minutes' walk down to the Malecon and 5 minutes walk up to the spectacular Parque Marti with its Colonial architecture
reminiscent of a more elegant age, including the Teatro Tomas Terry where the likes of Caruso and Sarah Bernhardt once performed, and many other buildings so delicious you want to wrap them up and put them in your pocket to enjoy them again later;

I could not have found a more inviting place to stay and more attentive hosts.

My room was impeccable and with a definite Cuban feel, and the newly renovated bathroom had lots of convenient hooks and shelves; hot water was available at all times. My room had air conditioning although I did not use it. In the alcove of my room, a small refrigerator was at my disposition and a stock of water, beer and soft drinks for me to purchase if I wished. Oswaldo and Norma's was the kind of house where I did not even lock my bedroom door so confident did I feel of my hosts' integrity.

As for the meals, they were worthy of a reputable restaurant and always beautifully presented, and at the hour I wished. I paid about $30. for bed and breakfast

and about $6. for a wonderful dinner of fish etc.

I enjoyed Cienfuegos so much that I ended up staying three days, although I had planned only on two.
The Pearl of the South is a great place to visit even for older travellers because it is flat and the sidewalks are not crowded. There are no touts or beggars. The malecon

leading to beautiful old mansions,

the Prado which runs for several blocks and is lined with benches, and where you will see Cubans rocking peacefully in the shade

and the pedestrian mall are perfect for strolling; this nostalgic Colonial city is well worth a visit. And if you don't feel like walking, a bicitaxista will take you around at your leisure for about $2. an hour.

If you know anyone going to Cuba who needs a nice, safe place to stay, here are the details:

Norma and Oswaldo, Hostal Soto, Avenida 40, #3712 (between Calle 37 and Calle 39)Cienfuegos, tel (01)(43)534596 Unfortunately, I don't have an email for them but you can find them upon arrival in Cienfuegos or call them from wherever you land. (also, Norma or Oswaldo can accompany you from the airport or the bus if you wish; they can also offer their services to show you around; This would be a perfect place for a novice solo traveller. ps. B & B's are called Casas Particulares in Cuba

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