Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bradley Manning - spy or hero?

John Altenburg, a retired Us serviceman said today in a TV interview, talking about Bradley Manning:

"He was a soldier. And as a soldier, we are expected to be disciplined and we are expected to comply with our orders and our directions."

Hitler's soldiers did just that. Mussolini's soldiers did just that. Franco's soldiers did just that; Saddam Hussein's soldiers did just that. American soldiers did just that in Viet Nam, Iraq, Alghanistan... and continue to do so wherever they are, generating hate for the US (and the West in general) all over the world.

Bravo for Manning for telling it like it is. The cold-blooded killing of innocent people is murder, no matter who does it. The ones who fired are the ones who should go behind bars.

It is heartening to see that soldiers and subordinates are finally rising against their superiors and following their conscience. No more of this blind obeying of orders that perpetuate hate and lead to humanitarian disasters.

Soldiers should not be trained as robots; they have a brain and a conscience and they should be allowed to use it when their superiors are giving the wrong orders.

In my books, Bradley Manning is a hero.

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