Monday, January 9, 2012

Visit to my rickshaw wallah's home in Jaipur

A visit to someone's home in India has always been a wonderful experience for me. That day, I visited Papu's home. Papu is my rickshaw wallah in Jaipur. The family of five lives in one room; The kids sleep on roll-up mats and the couple share a single bed. There is one trunk that holds all their clothing. There is a washroom in the building for all the apartments (about 12) When I visited, Papu's wife offered chai, as all good Indian families would do, and they sent the chidren to buy some cookies for my chai. The whole neighbourhood came by to meet this strange white-haired lady; I was a real event in their neighbourhood. I had only a few words of Hindi then and so it made for a rather fun visit. The warmth of these people is absolutely legendary. I never feel lonely even when I am travelling alone in India.

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